With more than 10 years of experience in distributed systems, Axinoe is one of the pioneers of digital signage in Europe.
Axinoe’s cloud Digital Signage content management platform Tune&Play dispatches gigabytes of contents every day to thousands of players worldwide.
Design your content centrally, then upload it to Tune&Play cloud through the ultra-easy Tune&Play web interface from the comfort of your web browser. Players are updated automatically as soon as new content is available, then play the new content according to their program. Grouping displays by point of sales, by region, type or keyword is as easy as point and click. All the new content is downloaded on the players as soon as updated by the Administrator.
Tune&Play offers an incredibly easy to learn, intuitive web-based architecture, and takes care of all the data hosting, at no extra fee. No need to buy expensive servers or worry about scalability. Tune&Play does it all for you. With unlimited media size and number of files, Tune&Play adds unprecedented cost-effectiveness to your project. Content hosting space is unlimited. There is no upload fee, no push fee, unlimited administrator logins, and all future platform upgrades are free for the duration of the contract.
There are no surprises.