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Maximise your Growth in Australia - New Zealand

With a combined total of nearly 30 million consumers, and the 5th biggest GDP per capita worldwide, Australia & New Zealand are key market places for a number of verticals, ranging from mobile to retail, medical or IT. Next Level provides a range of sales development services to foreign firms desiring to maximise their Australian & New Zealand opportunities. We are your partner in these far away markets. We propose and decide with you how we should support you or act on your behalf.


Unequaled local online marketing in over 60 countries  

We have top class Sales Consultants and Marketers that act as your own Sales and Marketing team, implementing your strategy to generate revenue from this market without the need for you to invest in a full-fledged structure. We are small enough to remain focused on our core competences, so we partner with the best-in-class third parties to offer you seamless one-stop services. If you plan to expand in the whole Asia Pac, we can help your products be successful in this region.

Our Sales Development team is focused on our core competence: Sales. Our Digital team provides best-in-class Digital Marketing services. And for other needs, such as PR, events or other, we partner with the best third parties to offer you seamless one-stop services.

Focused on sales

Founded in Japan by a Frenchman with over 10 years in US tech companies such as Google and Apple, Next Level is global in nature. When it comes to bridging the gap, we know our stuff.

Global by nature

Our core values, Trust, Experience and Local Knowledge and Transparency, at the center of our sales processes, make us a reliable partner for your APAC expansion. Our experienced Sales Consultants and Marketers live by them.

True to our values

Founded in Japan but also present in Korea, Australia, and France. Helping you grow globally, seamlessly.

Multi-country coverage

Over the years we’ve helped more than 30 foreign businesses maximise their Japanese opportunity. Some of them are listed below.

Prestigious references

With over 8 years since inception, we’ve earned the trust of our Japanese partners. But we’re still young. “Still hungry, still foolish.”

And here to stay :)

Our Services

Sales Development

We are a small but fast growing market entry company, specialized mostly in Software, eHealth, Mobile and Consumer Electronics, but we also have Clients other industries. Next Level provides a wide range of Sales Development services to firms (mainly foreign) desiring to maximize their APAC opportunities, from channel development to local project coordination and online marketing.

Be Informed.

Size the opportunity. Get the big picture. Find out about the competition. Our team of highly experienced sales professionals can help you get a clear view of what you can expect from this market.

– Market research,

– Techno watch.

Be Relevant

To make the most of the opportunity, you need to make the right decisions. We’re here to help every step of the way, deciding with you where you need help and how we can best support your strategy.

– Partner research
– Business planning
– M&A target identification
– Distribution channel setup support
– Company establishment
– Partner training / Sales training
– Web design
– Support setup
– Staffing

Be Growing

You’re there! You have a product that reached Australia / NZ customers. We can help you increase your revenue and streamline your costs.

– Partner Management / representation
– Channel transition / expansion / optimisation
– Virtual Sales force
– Staff hosting
– Partner Training / Sales Training – PR, Events
– Product localisation support
– Web presence: Site design / localisation
– Merchant sites: Amazon, eBay, TradeMe, etc…
– Web marketing (SEO, SEM)

Digital Marketing

Our best-in-class online marketing services include in-house Google-trained SEM specialists, complemented by expertise in analytics, ROAS optimization, but also social (Facebook, Line) and merchant (own store, Amazon, Rakuten). For global consistence, we also partners with the only worldwide network of former Google employees (SEM, Google Analytics), and we have a strategic partnership with the largest independent pan-Asian agency, with 360 digital expertise from content creation, merchant sites, to SEO, SEM, social, O2O, Mobile Apps and more. Such a unique combination of expertise give us the ability to respond to virtually any online marketing challenge from our Clients.

Connected Health

Capsule Technologies

Providing Intelligent Care Everywhere


Healthier Together

Cirrus Healthcare Products

Personal healthcare products for ear and sinus issues

Capsule Technologies

Capsule products and services enable hospitals using electronic medical records and other information systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient care through the direct capture, delivery and analysis of patient point-of-care vitals.

With proven connectivity support for more than 750 medical devices, Capsule’s flexible, integrated MDIS platform delivers centralized medical device data and device management to facilitate clinical efficiency and quality.


Withings’s vision is to reinvent health care by transforming the relationship people have with their wellbeing. We will lead the way towards vast improvements in collective health by unlocking the potential of connected health devices – revealing a new level of connectivity between individuals, their health, and healthcare professionals.

Cirrus Healthcare

Effective, proven drug-free solutions for ear, sinus and now migraine issues.

Cirrus Healthcare specializes in developing personal healthcare products that help prevent and treat some of the world’s most common and debilitating conditions.

Cloud Software


Private-By-Design, Decentralized Voice Technology

CAST Software

Application Portfolio Analysis


Interactive Video for your Ads


Snips is an AI Voice platform for connected devices.
It includes Hotword Detection, Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Dialog. It runs 100% on-device, and is private-by-design. 
It offers best-in-class performance, low latency and offline use.

CAST Software

CAST Highlight is an ultra-rapid code-scanning SaaS offering that helps identify potential IT risks and cost savings opportunities across large, distributed portfolios.

By delivering data and insights on the health of portfolios, CAST Highlight provides IT leaders with objectivity and clarity to make more informed business decisions, prevent risk, and reduce complexity and cost.


Adways Studio is an online interactive video authoring platform that lets you

• Edit your video in real-time
Your interactive videos can be edited anytime through an intuitive Content Management System.
• Track people or products
Choose an element to follow inside a video and we define the HotSpot path automatically.
• Measure user engagement
Every click is tracked so you get a dynamic report of points of interest and user engagement.

Smart Life, Gaming & VR


Immersive Gaming Products


Get your feet into Virtual Reality


The Secure Hardware Crypto Wallets


Illuminate Your Life, Your Way.


Founded in 1992 and purchased by Guillemot Corporation in 1999, Thrustmaster has been proud to bring all of its know-how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market. For nearly twenty years, Thrustmaster has developed solutions to satisfy and entertain every type of gamer, by creating products for highly precise gaming experiences – such as racing wheels and joysticks – along with fun accessories for gaming console, as well as targeting essential needs such as storage and charging.


A foot-powered controller to move in VR or PC games like you move in real life.

Everyday, you use your feet to walk, run, ride a bike, or drive a car. With the 3dRudder foot controller, you can finally use your feet to naturally move in VR worlds. If you want to ski, fly a plane, or drive a tank, the 3dRudder will move your experience to the next level.



Ledger designed two wallets: the light Ledger Nano S and the touchscreen Ledger Blue, which can both support directly 23 cryptocurrencies, and dozens more via third party applications.


Ledger offers fully customizable infrastructure solutions safeguarding crypto assets for Banks, Hedge Funds and High Net Worth individuals. Ledger also works together with big players in various industries on blockchain use cases.


Fully personalize your lighting experience with modular panels, millions of colors, an intuitive light Scene creator, and support for many popular smart home platforms.

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